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The Mission

PUSH HARD provides a menu of opportunities for paid online lifestyle fitness coaching, contest preparation, and nutritional guidance, but it is also meant to serve as a platform to motivate and inspire others via media articles, occasional blogs on related topics, and the like. 

Driven by a very compelling personal story involving a family member of its founder, PUSH HARD puts particular emphasis on promoting active living for children with developmental disabilities.  This is done through sharing the stories of individuals who have overcome some obstacle in their life.  The Proceeds from the sale of items available on the SHOP link go to support organizations that promote Autism awareness. 


The Founder

Patrick Howard


52-year old IFBB Pro Patrick Howard’s passion for fitness and healthy living dates back to his days as scholar-athlete in high school. Patrick continued on this path through his college, and well into adulthood. 


Over the course of a 28-year career as an Army Reserve Officer, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Howard has been featured in various national publications, and earned professional status in WNBF (2009), GBO (2016), and most recently IFBB Professional League (2020).


Despite his busy work schedule as a Housing Authority CEO, his parental responsibilities as a father of three, and his civic duties as a City of Austin Planning Commissioner, and his involvement with various community boards, Patrick finds time each week to execute a planned/detailed regimen involving weightlifting and cardio, in addition to weekly meal prep. 


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